To All:

Up until now the tech forum has not had a moderator, nor have I found it necessary to keep too close an eye on things.

However, lately I've received a number of complaints about the nature of posts (derogatory and condescending).

I don't want to have to start putting members on time-out, or ban them altogether. So...

Try to Get Along ... when you can't get along, disagree without being petty

STOP Soliciting! We have rules against advertising, the same applies to trying to recruit. While I have respect for the PTG, this is not a recruiting outlet for them or any other organization.

I'm not saying you can't talk about the organization(s) you belong to, just don't beat people over the head with it.

There are plenty of good techs who do not belong to any organization. If they want to join one, great, if the don't, leave them alone.

I've have asked a couple of moderators to keep an eye on these forums now, as shall I.
Piano Technicians, whether they belong to an organization or not are professionals, please act like one.

I noticed a short thread where a few members have indicated they want to call a truce, that would be a good idea.

I started this separate forum for piano tuner-techs becuase they are an important part of the industry. I wanted it to be a place for you to communicate, and the public to sometimes post tech questions. Let's get back to those basics.

- Frank B.
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