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Well, actually it was yesterday.

My stepson's ca.1960s 990 Acrosonic needed a little help on the balance rail and so I opened a 1M bag of .030 punchings and surprise! surprise! surprise! Look what I found.

I'm not saying which company provided these but will take this opportunity to send a message to all supply houses, especially those who cater to the trade only:

[Linked Image]

The off-center holes cause major rubs/overlapping against punchings on adjacent pins; not to mention that it looks very, very sloppy.

!!! Before being able to shoot exactly in the middle of the target a long training is necessary, give them time (while Schaff may certainly have some experience I suppose)

Actually that could be a feature to modify leverage, assuming they are all off center the same amount

The material look as it is very sensible to moisture, there.

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