Art songs can be a great source of approachable pieces from composers whose longer-form pieces may be too difficult for beginners/early intermediate players. My teacher was kind enough to introduce me to Art songs pretty early in our journey. This post seems so long ago.....

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My AOTW is that once again my teacher has opened my eyes (and ears) to music I never really considered as something I might want to play.....mainly because I didn't really know it existed.

She gave me a Cd she had made that was titled "Art Songs ", a term I had never heard before, and wanted me to listen for a few things. When I wiki'd "art song " I find its really a whole genre or sub-genre of music intended for vocal performance with piano or other accompaniment.

The CD had Kathleen Battle singing four songs from
Liszt and Rachmaninov, and twelve short songs from Schumann sung by tenor Ian Bostridge, all with beautiful piano accompaniment.

Turns out some of our favorite composers wrote hundreds of these short pieces. I believe a lot of it will be more accessable than most of their better-known pieces.

I love it when my teacher shows me how ignorant I am.

Clair de Lune, C.Debussy
Tarantella, Pieczonka
Sonatine, No.2 Menuet - MRavel

Estonia L190 #7284[Linked Image][Linked Image]
[Linked Image]