In the end I suppose the notion of late romantic pianos relates mainly to Germany.

The French seem to have hankered after the tones of Chopin's day well into the twentieth century. Ironically, Pleyel say they were aiming to recreate the tones of the late nineteenth century in a modern piano with the 2004 P280 played by Yves Henry that Schwammerl mentioned. By the way, I prefer those recordings to those of the 1834 instrument too.

I suppose the first Steinway Ds should be classed as modern but, then, Bernd says his 1877 model became heavenly and romantic when he put in 80 to 100 year old Steinway hammers. No surprise perhaps to the founding fathers of the Steinway company or to Ed McMorrow.

Ian Russell
Schiedmayer & Soehne, 1925 Model 14, 140cm
Ibach, 1905 F-IV, 235cm