A few days ago we bought an upright piano manufactured by Henry and S. G. Lindeman from 1912, for only a $100. Now, I'm assuming everyone is thinking "That must be a real peice of crap". And it might be, but as far as I can tell it is in good (great, considering its age) condition. The outside has numerous dents & dings, one key doesnt work, and a few keys need replaced. But as far as the sound goes, it sounds perfect. Nothing really seems out of tune (atleast *to me*).

I read in another post here where someone said "90% of free piano's need expensive work". And since I would consider a piano that only cost $100 bucks to be nearly free, I'm wondering if my piano is also going to need expensive work. So this leads to my first question: Is there a way I can tell if my piano is going to empty my wallet later on? Are there things inside I should look for that will tell me what kind of shape shes in?

My next question: How much money is it really worth? And has anyone heard of this company before, Henry & SG Lindeman? What is their reputation, etc.?

...I think those are all the questions I have for right now \:\) I've noticed that everyone who asks a question here usually is told to see a tech. so I'd also like to point out that eventually I'll contact a piano technician but I'd like to have an idea of its shape before-hand so I'm not to suprised when I get her anylasis (autopsy
I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano, and now that I'm learning, I think I'm addicted. If I hear "Auld lang syne" one more time though I think I'm going to kill over.