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ID Cards?

Posted By: jgoo

ID Cards? - 09/28/01 04:42 AM

I have heard rumors that every American Citizen may be required to carry photo ID issued by the government to prove that you are an american citizen when asked by authorities. So, you would pretty much have to have it on you at all times, just in case you get picked out for a "check". Is this Citizen ID Card thing something that is really truely being considered or is it just a rumor?
Posted By: Larry

Re: ID Cards? - 09/28/01 03:52 PM

It is something that has been promoted in the past by Hillary Clinton, though more intelligent minds stopped her from it. It has again popped up as a topic of discussion, and was reported that Bush was considering it. Later that was retracted when Bush said he wasn't even considering it.

England is talking about it too. I understand that 85% of Britains are for it. The report said that England planned to make it a voluntary thing, then admitted that even though it was voluntary, without it you would not be able to have a bank account, a driver's license, buy gas, food, etc. I read about this a long time ago, before it actually began to be discussed openly. It was written about in a book called Revelation.
Posted By: Samejame

Re: ID Cards? - 09/28/01 06:47 PM

Just one more thing for the bad guys to forge.

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