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World Trade Center - New Movie

Posted By: Riley

World Trade Center - New Movie - 05/31/06 03:14 AM

Another 9/11 movie is soon to come out. This one about the police officers who went into the WTC. Anyone planning on seeing this one?

Posted By: Riley

Re: World Trade Center - New Movie - 08/15/06 12:58 AM

I thought it was a very good movie. I didn't find it to be morbid, as some people say, but rather a great tribute to some of the heroes of the day.
Posted By: briiian13

Re: World Trade Center - New Movie - 12/21/06 12:50 AM

i saw this movie , and i do respect the whole movie's intention and am saddened by the 911 tragedy but:

i did not like the depiction of the marine soldier in the movie. he was too dramatized and he seemed too much about himself.

nicholas cage was a bad choice for the lead character. totally unbelievable and he can never get out of his typical slouch-like performance. he should have stuck with his romance-comedy genre.

half the movie was just them lying in the rubble talking to each other.
i mean it makes for a good book , but technically not a movie.

i fell asleep half way through the movie. some of it due to the two main characters battling trying to stay awake, made me feel sleepy too.
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