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Flag Etiquette

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Flag Etiquette - 09/22/01 04:55 PM

Many people are now flying the U.S. flag as a show of unity.
Just a quick note about proper flag etiquette:

If the flag is on a pole, it is proper to
raise it quickly and lower it slowly.
Never let it touch the ground. If you
hang it from a porch or window, make
sure the stars are on the upper left to
whomever is observing it.

If a flag gets tattered, it is acceptable
to hem it back a bit. However, if the
alteration throws off the proportion of
the flag or the color fades, it is time to replace it.

If the flag is being displayed at night it should be lighted.

The following web site claims to still be able to ship flags within 4 weeks and there price is very reasonble.

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