Hammond XK-3c system

Posted by: Tune

Hammond XK-3c system - 02/26/10 02:59 PM

I was wondering if anyone had bought the XK-3c and what they think of it and if they own the bottom manual, pedals, or just considered midi to another keyboard to make a dual board.
Posted by: Brandon_W_T

Re: Hammond XK-3c system - 02/26/10 05:10 PM

Im really really really itching to get one!
The first time I played one I fell in love with it! It has perfect tone, and touch. The other features are great too.

Just a bit out of my price range though!

I used to own a 1947 or so Hammond CV. I will say that you cant beat a real hammond, but man that XK3 sure is close!
Posted by: Tune

Re: Hammond XK-3c system - 02/27/10 01:44 PM

Yeah I hear ya. I'm trying to find a dealer that has one of the systems set up but still looking. It can be written off though 100% over 7 or 8 years if you're a musician paying taxes on gigs I do believe.
Posted by: Brandon_W_T

Re: Hammond XK-3c system - 02/27/10 09:50 PM

Yes going to sweetwater and stuff you can get good monthly payment options. I just need a job at the moment to cover for that.
Posted by: elecmuse3

Re: Hammond XK-3c system - 04/12/10 01:42 PM

Check your tax situation. I haven't bought anything over $1500 for a while, but you might be able to write off the whole thing at once; you might even be required to.