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Posted By: alaskaman

ORGAN REPAIR PERSON - 11/10/09 03:43 PM

Our church has a BALDWIN 32 RANK Model C320 Organ that needs serviced. Hard to find someone in the Central Indiana area who does this. ANyone on here know of a repair person we can contact to get this done? Located SW of Indianapolis.
Posted By: whippen boy

Re: ORGAN REPAIR PERSON - 11/10/09 04:43 PM

You might try posting your question on The Organ Forum, specifically in the section for Electronic Organ Repair. There are several folks there who are knowledgeable and should be able to steer you towards a local technician.

Good luck!
Posted By: Ken Knapp

Re: ORGAN REPAIR PERSON - 11/11/09 12:28 AM

Try this...


Posted By: apple*

Re: ORGAN REPAIR PERSON - 11/11/09 12:42 AM

i'd call the Baldwin Organ representative for your area. .. might be a big area, but he should know who you can call.
Posted By: Ken Knapp

Re: ORGAN REPAIR PERSON - 11/11/09 12:53 AM


Unfortunately, Baldwin isn't in the organ business anymore. I think the timeframe for that was around the time of the bankruptcy. No support, no parts.

Lucky for alaskaman, though, every Baldwin I've ever serviced had a bad connection problem. Sometimes on board contacts, sometimes the wire connectors, and sometimes pins soldered on the circuit boards that connect the traces from the front to the back.

Posted By: apple*

Re: ORGAN REPAIR PERSON - 11/28/09 04:40 PM

The Allen or Rodgers salesperson would be able to find you a tech most likely.

I have the name of an organ tech who travels.. he can fix anything.. PM me if you want his name and number.
Posted By: Jim Berna

Re: ORGAN REPAIR PERSON - 01/02/10 05:30 AM

If this baldwin is approximately 10 to 15 years old, I was a product of the Gem organ company of Italy! If you can get a person who repairs gem or Vicount organs, he should be able to get parts for you, as they were built by Gem Organs!
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