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Anyone here familiar with Electone?

Posted By: musicianwannabe

Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 08/04/09 06:12 PM

Judging from the general lack of response in this forum, I'm not holding my breath. I'm thinking of purchasing an Electone, though, and I don't want to blindly order a model hoping for the best. So if anyone knows about Electone more than I do... feel free to reply.
Posted By: Marty Flinn

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 08/05/09 12:34 AM

The lack of response is indicative of the lack of interest in the organ business today. It peaked in the US in the mid 1980's. Electones were a line of quality home organs that were built and marketed by Yamaha. They were made for several years with several generations and evolutions of models. Electones are no longer imported by Yamaha Corporation of American into the US. They may still be sold in other parts of the world.

Their quality, performance, and durability were at the top of the catagory.
Posted By: Piano Peddler

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 08/05/09 05:17 AM

Do you have a specific model that you are interested in purchasing? What questions do you have?
Posted By: musicianwannabe

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 08/05/09 05:44 AM

Actually, I reread the website I was on and discovered (just like Marty Flinn said) that they weren't selling any electones anymore. So never mind. :P

Just for future reference, though, what model would you recommend for a beginning player who's on a budget? My family used to own an EL-90, but my understanding is that's for someone who's more or less "serious" about playing... which I'm not.
Posted By: RonaldSteinway

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 08/05/09 05:52 AM

Yes, EL 90 was basically next to the top of the line electones in the 90s. I love EL 90.
Posted By: RonaldSteinway

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 08/05/09 05:53 AM

go to Electone.com for more info about Electone...
Posted By: apple*

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 08/26/09 12:02 AM

I'd certainly like to have one. Their design is so elegant.

I saw a you tube video a while back of this Japanese girl playing some type of electric organ but it was more like a synthesizer. Electrifying. Her pedal work was incredible.
Posted By: Geoffk

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 10/03/09 02:50 AM

Electones are still sold in Japan. They're not as popular as pianos, but they sell enough to sustain monthly music magazines. You'll find them at large music dealers and Yamaha stores.

But, yeah, in the US, home organs were somewhat popular in the 70's with names like Lowery and Thomas and then the market just crashed for them. If you find one at all, it will be a dusty piece of junk. That market has mostly been absorbed by fancy digital piano instruments like the Yamaha CVP series. These have rhythms and accompaniment like the old home organs did (as well as various orchestral, synth, organ and other sounds besides piano).
Posted By: Jim Berna

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 01/02/10 05:41 AM

The electone organ was a yamaha product, and I sold them! They were a good organ, and the sounds were good on them. The only problem was learning to set them up as they did not really utilize the stop tab system but a roller system. The organs were good products of Yamaha!
Posted By: LimeFriday

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 01/05/10 07:22 PM

I played an Electone - well a number of electones for years. I had an HX 1 that I loved. I bought a second had FX 20 a few years ago for a good price and it's still going strong - and I still enjoy playing it.

What did you decide to do?

Posted By: ROMagister

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 01/05/10 08:34 PM

You may ask on organforum.com. They have an extensive section on electronic _organs_ of all kinds.
Posted By: clockman

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 10/23/12 10:06 PM

I just acquired an FX-20 recently as well. I'm having a blast relearning it as I completed the Electone course when I was a kid as a diversion from my "serious" piano study.
Posted By: peterws

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 12/22/12 12:55 PM

I used to play one or two of tem many years ago. If you`re used to the Hammond spinets, or even the C3 or A100`s T500 etc, you wouldn`t have liked `em. Bit reedy and tin sounding.

But from the spectator`s viewpoint, they were good. And light to carry.
Posted By: KataiYubi

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 01/21/13 08:26 PM

The current model is the Electone Stagea, only sold in Asia.

This is a marvelous instrument; listen to this performance by Qi Zhang (her transcription from the "Love of Three Oranges") and be awed:


After seeing this, I inquired at Yamaha Canada why they don't sell these in North America. They said there was no market for it (with over 300 million population?). I told them they're wrong, as I would buy one in a heartbeat.

Another issue is the (apparently) different voltage of these organs compared to the North American one. They told me that plugging a Stagea in the electrical system of my house can make it burn down. I'm not convinced this is true, as I've ordered several appliances made for Japan use and the voltage is the same as in Canada.

Some people have imported such organs in Europe/North America, but then it's extremely costly and good luck if you ever need service on it.

Posted By: gsmonks

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 05/22/14 04:53 AM

There are a few things about the Electone that you should know:

Certain models are HIGHLY collectable right now, especially the C600, if I'm remembering correctly. If you can find an old one in good working order, try it out, and if you like it, snag it.

Most modern guys into recording want the Electone mainly for the sequencer. Once you've heard an Electone sequencer, you'll notice right off that it's something you heard a million times before without knowing what it was.

The Electone "organ" is really not an organ: it's the "organ" version of a synthesiser that was especially popular (and expensive) in the late 70's. I have a few of them and use them as analogue synths, not organs.
Posted By: trandinhnamanh

Re: Anyone here familiar with Electone? - 08/02/19 10:52 PM

Let's bring the thread back. I'm pianist, and electone player too. I own a last generation electone, the Stagea ELS-02C, and going upgrade it to ELS-02X (adding full size 25 notes pedalboard)
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