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Antique Mason & Hamlin Organ

Posted By: BlueMoon

Antique Mason & Hamlin Organ - 09/02/07 05:52 AM

I am writing for an elderly cousin, who is ninety-five years old, attended Julliard and has taught piano for over seventy-five years, her entire adult life. Many, many years ago she and her husband who is now deceased uncovered a Mason & Hamlin church organ in an antique shop. The small church organ sits in her living room. It has markings on it that indicate that it was built in 1876 in Philadelphia. The insignia has 'National Exhibition/Centennial Commission' stamped on it.

My cousin asked me to find out how much it is worth. I'm sure she would be interested in additional information about it as well. Does anyone know how I might go about getting more information about this organ?
Posted By: whippen boy

Re: Antique Mason & Hamlin Organ - 09/04/07 12:37 AM

Mason & Hamlin pump organs can be very nice.

Here is a resource for you - you might want to give this fellow a call:

The Reed Organ Man.
Posted By: Tom Tuner

Re: Antique Mason & Hamlin Organ - 10/30/07 06:26 PM

Without knowing the model and its condition giving a valuation really is impossible. In general reed organs do not tend to bring much, except among those who think anything antique is necessarily of great worth.

Tom Tuner
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