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Homemade Pipe Organ

Posted By: Joel Rosenberger

Homemade Pipe Organ - 11/23/05 02:55 AM

Has anyone run across this? I saw it tonight and thought, wow! Raphi Giangiulio is building his own pipe organ, completely out of wood. Take a look at the photograph, it's beautiful.

Posted By: quantumm

Re: Homemade Pipe Organ - 12/08/05 05:11 PM

Fascinating! Thanks for the link.
Posted By: ROMagister

Re: Homemade Pipe Organ - 05/02/08 05:57 PM

Fascinating how only 1 manual + helper changing simple stops (+/- the octave, or Bourdon) between phrases still give the intended 'dialogue' in Bach's Toccata and Fugue BWV565.

Loved the builder's own presentation.
The first example where I heard clearly that adding some 4th harmonic (2 octaves up, or 2' Doublette) is essential to get The Organ Sound.
Posted By: LisztAddict

Re: Homemade Pipe Organ - 05/02/08 07:48 PM

WOW!!! That's really neat! he made his own pipes, air boxes, and everything. Thanks for posting. I need to bookmark this web site.
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