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Speaker Facade Pipes

Posted By: Elaine617

Speaker Facade Pipes - 06/24/02 09:54 PM

Hi All,

Our church is finally considering replacing our very antiquated Hammond A-100/Leslie speaker after its misbehavior this past Sunday. I would love to see a nice Allen or Rodgers digital in its place. I remember reading someplace about speaker facade pipes and that they are actually organ speakers concealed within a pipe facade that are used with electronic/digital organs and can be purchased and installed for a fraction of the cost of an authentic pipe organ. A digital organ with speaker facade pipes sounds like it would be an ideal alternative for us, since a pipe organ isn't feasible. Does anyone have any information about speaker facade pipes i.e. what they are, how they work and average cost? I'm not sure if the information I read is accurate. Thanks in advance!

Posted By: Piano World

Re: Speaker Facade Pipes - 06/25/02 12:02 AM

Hi Lyn

You might try some of the links on this page...

Frank B.
Piano World
Posted By: Elaine617

Re: Speaker Facade Pipes - 06/25/02 02:57 AM

Thanks Frank, I'll check them out. smile

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