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Moving a Hammond

Posted By: RealPlayer

Moving a Hammond - 12/01/15 08:50 PM

Hi, everyone. A church I'm associated with tells me someone wants to donate a Hammond organ and they are asking me if I know of a mover. Can any piano mover do this, or do you need a specialist mover with inside knowledge?

I was thinking of a nearby piano mover I know, but for some reason they're not returning my phone calls right now.

How can I find a reliable mover? I looked on the internet and apparently Hammonds do require special adjustments before and after moving. Sorry, I do not know what model it is.

The church is in Staten Island, NY

Thanks for any help.
Posted By: RealPlayer

Re: Moving a Hammond - 12/02/15 08:07 PM

Oh...never mind. My original mover finally called back, and he has experience with all manner of Hammonds and others.

So my question is answered!

Thanks for looking.
Posted By: Ken Knapp

Re: Moving a Hammond - 12/22/15 12:13 PM

Just saw the post.. A word to the wise.. If it is a solid state Hammond made from around 1970 through about 2000, it might not be worth the price of the move..
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