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Organ question

Posted By: Hrodulf

Organ question - 02/25/14 09:54 PM

I've noticed Hammond makes a two manual console with optional 25 key pedalboard. I never seriously considered buying it because of the limited pedalboard which would preclude playing such things as the Widor toccata, a lot of Bach, and doubtless many other things.

Does anybody know of an affordable home instrument that has a full pedalboard?
Posted By: RickG1

Re: Organ question - 03/07/14 11:32 PM

You need at least a 30 note pedal board. I play a baroque tracker pipe organ at church and it has 56 note manuals and 30 note pedal board. I used to have a Hammond A-100 that was as you described and it was no count as far as the pedals for playing serious music. The manuals helped me "woodshed" many pieces when I was in grad school, though. Look for a D-100 or RT3 model of Hammond as those did have full pedal boards. Also, old Allens and Rodgers are available cheap and most of those are full pedal as well. 32 note pedal board is the AGO standard.
Posted By: Hrodulf

Re: Organ question - 03/13/14 03:11 PM

Thanks, maybe someday I'll be able to get one of these.
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