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Is Orgelzentrum a SCAMMER?

Posted By: Screenery

Is Orgelzentrum a SCAMMER? - 04/08/13 12:11 AM

I recently bought a Yamaha EX-2 organ from Orgelzentrum (a German organ dealer) back in early January. Orgelzentrum, "Nick" in particular (OrgelzentrumDo@aol.com), has confirmed that they received my payment, but after almost twenty emails from me over the past three months and after approximately one dozen attempts by my shipper to contact them via either phone or email in order to arrange pickup, they are not replying to either me or my shipper.

Has anyone else ever been scammed or burned by Orgelzentrum?
Posted By: Vectistim

Re: Is Orgelzentrum a SCAMMER? - 04/09/13 04:49 PM

Unsurprisingly never heard of them, but you might have better luck at
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