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Oberlinger Jubilee Pipe Organ

Posted By: Rudy99golf

Oberlinger Jubilee Pipe Organ - 05/30/12 12:39 PM

Hi all.

This is my first post on this forum.

I am involved In the Board of my local Music Conservatory.

I was heavily involved in the acquisition of an Oberlinger Jubilee Pipe Organ. It took us more than a year to be able to get this organ.

It is simply beautiful.

Two weeks ago Mr. Federico del Sordo, the italian organist, came here and played this organ for the first time in a beautiful recital. (He happened to be here "in the neighborhood").

The Conservatory is embedded in a facility that used to be a convent, so it has a small XVII century church within the facilities. This church, that can seat around 150-200 people, finished its restoration last year. This restoration took almost 7 years, and it is sooo beautiful.

Well, the organ found its place within this church.

I would appreciate your comments. I don' know anything about organs, particularly a pipe organ, although my father had a Hammond ??? with a Leslie speaker too many years ago.

All comments we have received is that we acquired a great piece for the Conservatory.

Anyone familiar with this organ?

Any comments will be appreciated.
Posted By: PlaysbyEar

Re: Oberlinger Jubilee Pipe Organ - 10/01/12 10:14 PM

Hi Rudy, I have a great interest in Pipe organs and also have a Grandson who happens to be at the moment in Celaya. He has taken some organ lessons in the past and I was hoping to tell him where your conservatory is located so he could perhaps come and see the organ and hear it played. It sounds like a great location.
Posted By: Rudy99golf

Re: Oberlinger Jubilee Pipe Organ - 10/02/12 02:18 AM

Kay, how interesting!!

How did he end up on this side of the world??? Maybe he got lost!!!

I will be more than glad to show him around this region.

Certainly I can introduce him to the people at the Conservatory.

Is he going to be around for a while? Or is he just passing by?

Unfortunately I won't be in the city from Wednesday to Friday. Have to take a very quick trip to San Francisco, but will be back on Saturday.

Please give me more details so we can figure out something. If you prefer just send me a PM, but send me some signal so I know there is a PM for me.

For sure I will show him the organ at the conservatory. He will love the place where it is set!!
Posted By: PlaysbyEar

Re: Oberlinger Jubilee Pipe Organ - 10/07/12 03:33 AM

Hi Rudy, I have just got back into town myself. Had gone up to the northern part of the state during the earlier part of the week. My Grandson is an LDS missionary stationed there as of about 2 weeks ago. I am able to contact him once a week during his preparation day. I will be emailing him tomorrow and will tell him about the organ. I don't know what part of town he is living in, but hopefully it isnt too far away from you. Thanks for your response.
Posted By: kalee21

Re: Oberlinger Jubilee Pipe Organ - 10/24/13 05:10 PM

I have just found this topiic. Oberlingers are fantastic instruments. Their action is superb, giving the organist excellent feedback just what a great tracker (mechanical action) should do. Their voicing and scale designs are first rate. Playing such organs is a pure joy, you feel with your fingers the exact instant the pipes will start to speak - a momentary pluck or resistance at the top of the key stroke. I managed to find a nice Walcker organ long ago and restored it as a house organ.
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