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Yamaha Electone FS-70

Posted By: Mudhoney

Yamaha Electone FS-70 - 02/21/12 10:33 AM

Hi All,

My daughter is starting to learn piano so we are buying her a new digital piano (Kawai). To make room, we are selling the old Yamaha Electone FS-70 that was left to me when my grandmother died. This is not a for-sale post, but I'd like to know from organists whether this is considered a good quality organ or otherwise. Any thoughts appreciated.

Posted By: Ken Knapp

Re: Yamaha Electone FS-70 - 02/21/12 01:01 PM

IMO, anything Yamaha does is good quality. I just did a search and saw a youtube video and it looks like a neat organ.
Posted By: apple*

Re: Yamaha Electone FS-70 - 03/02/12 12:35 PM

I have never seen one.. from the you tube clips it looks awesome. Does it have a full pedal board stretching from end to end.

I am an organist.. it's an absolute blast to learn, and provides a reliable a lucrative income.

That is really exciting that she has access to such an opportunity and it is not in the least stodgy or dodgy. If she has the opportunity to take lessons.. that would be great. there are so few organists at least in Kansas )..I really love the idea that you are starting off with a piano, but by golly, I'd try to keep that organ. .. it can be stored in a basement much more easily than a piano which must be tuned regularly.

Actually, she could learn on the organ and you could 'upgrade to piano' later on, especially if it is going to be a digital.. I imagine most people would not agree with me.

anyway, it looks like a great instrument.
Posted By: clockman

Re: Yamaha Electone FS-70 - 10/23/12 09:10 PM

Here's a link to the archive of "all" Yamaha Electones - www.electone.nl

I just acquired an FX-20 myself. It is a blast. I did the whole Electone course when I was a kid as a diversion from piano playing.
Posted By: maeaguilar33

Re: Yamaha Electone FS-70 - 12/14/12 02:01 PM

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