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Is this organ a disaster?

Posted By: Andrew Slade

Is this organ a disaster? - 03/22/11 12:54 PM

I can basically get this organ for what it will cost to move--which I would pay anyway. It is really for my kids to play around with--they like the organ at their piano teacher's house. I told them that I would get one if I could find one for very cheap. It is an Allen TC-1 from 1964:
Here is the Craigslist ad:

what do you guys think?
Posted By: Andrew Slade

Re: Is this organ a disaster? - 03/22/11 06:51 PM

I'll find out tomorrow when I have it delivered! Should be fun!
Posted By: Brandon_W_T

Re: Is this organ a disaster? - 03/22/11 10:55 PM

These were very good quality instruments for their day. High end features, solid construction, from the largest maker of electronic organs in the world.

Ever need assistance? Just give the Allen organ company a ring!

Id say for the cost of moving, you got a very good deal.
Posted By: RayE

Re: Is this organ a disaster? - 03/23/11 05:31 AM

Can't beat the price, if it's in working order you got a real deal, this is going to take some room those Gyrophonic speakers are pretty big, but they have a great sound.
Posted By: Andrew Slade

Re: Is this organ a disaster? - 03/26/11 12:13 AM

Got the organ to the house--and couldn't get it in because of the thickness of the walls. It's a long story. It spent a night on my porch and has now taken up residence in friend's studio. Speakers are huge and have a huge sound. To say that it takes up some room is really, really understating! It has been a fun few days with this beast but I think I will be looking for another one that is just a bit more reasonably sized. I don't know, maybe the church organ was not the best choice for my dining room?!
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