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Gulbransen Pacemaker Model #1555km Info/Value

Posted By: Lisztoholic

Gulbransen Pacemaker Model #1555km Info/Value - 08/24/10 04:17 PM

i just got a pacemaker about a week ago and i want to know more info on it and its value
Posted By: Piano Peddler

Re: Gulbransen Pacemaker Model #1555km Info/Value - 08/25/10 10:29 PM

Hi Ernesto,
Unfortunately, the monetary value of an older electronic organ like you have is negligible (in other words, nothing). Gulbransen has been out of business for thirty years, so there are no parts or service available. That model was built in the early 70's and if it is in perfect working condition, perhaps you can still enjoy it for several years. They were pleasant sounding organs in their day. Good luck!
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