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Lowrey Centry Organ

Posted By: MrHazelton

Lowrey Centry Organ - 07/16/10 09:50 PM

I found this organ and want to know if it is a good deal or not. The person selling it originally wanted to give it away free for a tax deduction because I think they realized that they would not get as much $$$ for it as they want. I asked if they would sell it and for how much. They said they would sell it to me for $1000 and claim they bought it 4 years ago for $15,000. It does look like a nice organ. Is it a good deal or should I pass?

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Posted By: Ken Knapp

Re: Lowrey Centry Organ - 07/27/10 03:10 AM

As long as everything works it is a very nice organ and well worth $1000.

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