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Midi files ? & where


Midi files ? & where - 12/22/09 09:58 PM

Hello everyone
I'm buying a digital piano & was told that you can get
Midi files off the internet. I really don't understand what
the are or how to use them can anyone fill me in on this subject? ( should I look under Midi file for dummy)

Thanks for any Replies
Posted By: ChrisA

Re: Midi files ? & where - 12/22/09 10:26 PM

MIDI data is simply a list of key presses and key velocities. It is a record of what key you played and when and with how much force. It also records your use of pedals and other bits of misc. information. The main point to remember is that midi records your performance but NOT the sound.

Lots more details here

Here are enough free midi files to get you started

When you get sheetmusic from these guy they also supply a MIDI file that is note per note the same as the sheet music. They have good quality midi files of most classical music. They offer a few samples free
Posted By: Stephen Hazel

Re: Midi files ? & where - 12/22/09 11:18 PM

Here's some info on the subject.
Also links to midi files.
Think of midi files as digital sheet music, but of an EXACT performance.

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