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Roland RD-300S (NOT SX)

Posted By: thelullaby99

Roland RD-300S (NOT SX) - 10/30/09 02:12 AM

Hi everyone, me again...>.<
I finally purchased a dp which is roland rd-300s. Seems like it's an old product, however that's the only thing I can get for now.

Anyone has any experience on this DP? It has 88 keys, weighted. Thanks for any reply! LOL
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Roland RD-300S (NOT SX) - 10/31/09 02:42 AM

I used to have one. If you can, run it through a good quality reverb unit, because it doesn't have any reverb of it's own - reverb does help it a lot. I believe Elton John used the electric grand sound on some of his songs in that era. (the same sounds in your piano were in other higher-end pianos and piano modules)

One thing I didn't like about mine was that it was difficult to play softy with consistent touch - the keys would stick slightly at the top of their travel, and the amount that they stuck was also inconsistent, so it was impossible to compensate for this with one's playing. What happened was that in order to overcome the resistance, I would have to press down a bit harder, but then the key would suddenly give way, and the resulting key strike velocity would be harder than I had intended. I upgraded to a Kawai MP9000, which was a HUGE improvement. smile


Posted By: thelullaby99

Re: Roland RD-300S (NOT SX) - 10/31/09 02:47 AM

Thanks Greg! But what is a 'reverb'? Sorry I'm such a newbie in DP world... blush
Do you think it is OK for a beginner? I just started piano on my own... ha
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Roland RD-300S (NOT SX) - 10/31/09 02:56 AM

Here's a clip of Elton's "I don't wanna go on with you like that", which sounds like it's using the Roland SAS(*) electric grand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAWF-b4voYQ
He's even playing a Roland digital piano in the clip. smile

* SAS = Structured/Adaptive Synthesis, which is the synthesis method used in the RD300S and other models in the same family.
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Roland RD-300S (NOT SX) - 10/31/09 03:02 AM

A "reverb" is an effects unit which you plug into the output of your piano. The output of the effects unit then goes to your amplifier. It modifies the sound of the piano, to simulate playing the piano in different types of rooms - it can make it sound like you are playing in a huge cathedral, or in a tiny bedroom, etc etc. It adds "reverberation" to the sound.
Without it, the sound is somewhat dry and sterile. If you only want to use headphones plugged directly into the piano, though, then you'll have to accept the sound as it is.

If you're a beginner I think it will be fine and will probably be ok for years. As you improve, you might want to get a piano with a better touch, though. (i.e, one that FEELS more like a real piano to play)

Posted By: thelullaby99

Re: Roland RD-300S (NOT SX) - 10/31/09 03:18 AM

Thanks a lot for the quick and detailed answer! Hmm most probably I will be playing with headphones on, since I live in apartments...lol
Maybe one day when I can earn my own money I will go for the 'real' thing aka an acoustic...haha...such an ambition...
Posted By: sullivang

Re: Roland RD-300S (NOT SX) - 10/31/09 03:38 AM

You're welcome, and good luck! smile

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