Mixing Mahogany Furniture with Black Piano

Posted by: mdevine

Mixing Mahogany Furniture with Black Piano - 10/19/09 06:13 PM

Any thoughts on this. Our furniture in Living Room is a brown Mahogany (Stickley). The Roland, Kawai, and Yamaha Mahogany all looks too Red/Cherry IMO. Rosewood from Yamaha looks like a better match.

I really like the way the black pianos look. The Piano will be in the same room as the Mahogany furniture, but not within 8-10 feet of any of our major furniture pieces.

Any thoughts on how a black piano would look in the same room with mahogany furniture?

Possibly looking now at the Yamaha S306/S308.

Posted by: agrayIWU

Re: Mixing Mahogany Furniture with Black Piano - 10/19/09 08:52 PM

I think that mixing woods is just fine. Mahogany usually has a reddish tinge to it and I think it looks good with black. A lot of Asian design mixes blacks and reddish woods. In my living room, I have a black wine cabinet and black book case next to my Mahogany piano. And in my family room, I have mahogany accents with more solid black furniture (TV entertainment center). I have had no complaints and think it looks pleasing.

I mainly did it because I couldn't find any furniture to match my already mahogany/reddish furniture. Therefore, I just did the complete opposite and chose black and black/espresso.

If you like it, that is all that matters!
Posted by: MacMacMac

Re: Mixing Mahogany Furniture with Black Piano - 10/19/09 09:25 PM

I agree. Black mixes well with any dark wood furniture.
Posted by: Geoffk

Re: Mixing Mahogany Furniture with Black Piano - 10/20/09 05:30 AM

Black is the traditional piano color and goes with any decor, other furniture or wood finishes. However, this is mostly true for glossy "piano black". The matte-finish "satin black" on some Rolands wouldn't look as good. Also, be aware that glossy black shows dust and fingerprints badly. It takes some care to keep it looking nice.