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6W Loud Enough?

Posted By: Terri Moore

6W Loud Enough? - 09/18/09 07:47 PM

High, I'm going to be getting a Yamaha YDP 140, it has 6W+6W speakers. Would this be loud enough to enjoy the sounds, such as a nice bass sound? I am going to have the piano for my small room only. Should it be loud enough? If so, how loud roughly, enough to make me uncomfortable? Thanks, I hope it is loud.

Kind regards,
Posted By: Alden

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/18/09 08:34 PM

Hi Terri,

This is kind of a tough one to answer because no one is going to know what constitutes "loud enough" to you. 6 watts is unlikely to be uncomfortably loud--even in a small room, but remember that the instrument has a volume control. You can adjust it to your comfort level.

Enjoy your new 140 smile
Posted By: Liber_Ouchy

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/18/09 10:10 PM

Wattage specifications are not the speakers, but the amplifier output. The 6 Watt output per channel on the 140 will drive different speakers at different levels of loudness (db's). I'm sure Yamaha has matched the speakers to the amplifier to provide adequate db's for an average size home room. My P155 amplifier has 12 watts/channel output and drives the on-board speakers adequately. I keep saying adequate, because my P155 is not as loud as I would like. It's ok when I'm playing it, but if I playback a recording and go into another room it's grossly inadequate.

So I suspect the 140 will be plenty loud for you in the small room you mention, as long as you don't expect to rattle the windows.
Posted By: Steve Cohen

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/19/09 01:18 PM

Go to your local dealer and play it.

That should answer the question!

Or, are you buying without having seen and heard the instrument?
Posted By: Nikalette

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/19/09 05:09 PM

Aren't you going to practice on headphones? The sound is not only louder but way better on headphones.

You also have the option to get an amp/speaker later.

I have a Yamaha YPG635 and it's loud enough to hear all the sounds well, but the volume doesn't crank up as much as I'd like sometimes.

Depends on how sensitive your ears are. If you've listened to a lot of loud music, concerts, etc...you might have some hearing loss (halfway kidding).

For a small room, I think the Yamaha will be plenty loud.
Posted By: Johan B

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/19/09 08:52 PM

6 + 6 w.......for just a normal room........I had a dgx620.....in a normal room......quiet enough sound......my family asked for less noise..... mad
Posted By: Marty Flinn

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/19/09 10:12 PM

Please do not buy an instrument without hearing it first. IMO, 12 watts of power is pretty low to get a good rendering on most voices.
Posted By: pieper

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/19/09 10:23 PM

2x6 watts is low, indeed. It may suffice depending on what you want. Whether you´ll like it or not is personal. Once you hear DPs with more power, you may not like the 2x6 as much as before. That said, i think the p140 is a nice DP. Only the wattage is low, and I read somewhere that also the output to an external amplifier is not of a great quality. The p155 is better in that respect and has 13 watt speakers. Still, for practicing at home the p140 should be good, and connected to headphones, the quality can be excellent (depending on the headphones).
Posted By: pieper

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/19/09 10:26 PM

sorry just adding a little something after re-reading your post: don´t expect to get really rich basses.
Posted By: BluesNotes

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/21/09 04:50 AM

Hi Terri,

Ok lets talk options here. The beauty of using a lower wattage unit is that if it has portable battery operation, the lower amp will let your power supply last longer. Another consideration is that if you want to hear the instrument first, try going to a dealer and try one out, or look up on youtube and try to find someone playing one.

I have a Yamaha E-403 and because it is a stereo output, I can use any amp I want. At the moment it is hooked up to an old large "boom box" and has awesome sound. In the other room I have a Pioneer SX-1250 stereo that puts out 630 watts divided between six outputs driving two tower speakers on the A circut. Hookup can be by wire or wireless FM transmitter. Just tune in the "keyboard" on the radio dial and play away.

I agree with the other posters on the headphone consideration. A nice quality set will sound wonderfull too, and in a small space, a wireless set can be used to avoid tangled wire concerns. My room here is very small so either the stock speakers in my board or the boom box amp produce nice bass, but the larger speakers in the box really do the trick.

Hope this helps and best of luck selecting your future instrument. Always try to play before you buy if possible.
Posted By: Elkhornsun

Re: 6W Loud Enough? - 09/25/09 06:04 PM

Any amp will provide increasing levels of distortion as the power output increases. A 12 watt at half power is going to provide a better sound than a 6 watt that is maxed out. Most digital keyboards are intended for use with headphones in the home or with an external amp when used onstage.

The Casio cabinet line digital pianos have two 20 watt amps and their latest models will have 30 watt amps. And you have the option of a headset of course.

As for sound level it can vary by easily 400% based on the room - its shape, its size, drapes, carpeting or tile or wood floors, and even placement of the piano. When a piano is placed against the long wall the sound dispersion will be a lot less and the secondary harmonics will not be a pleasing as with it placed along the short dimension wall (as with traditional music halls).
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