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Yamaha P155 in Toronto

Posted By: Chantal13

Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 03:16 AM


This is my first post to these forums. Normally I wouldn't start off with a question, but I am brand new to digital pianos and really don't have much advice to offer anyone yet.

I'm hoping that someone can help me. I am looking for a Yamaha P155 digital piano in the Toronto area. I am having a hard time finding a store that has any stock. I checked with the following stores:

Long & McQuade - Don't have it
Cosmo Music - Won't have any for another month
Durham School of Music - Don't have it
Walters Music - They can get one during the week

I also looked online to get an idea of pricing:

B&H - $1339 USD - $1477 CAD (including S&H)
Musicians Buy - $1269 USD - $1400 CAD (including L140 stand, free shipping -- apparently)

I am not absolutely sure if Musicians Buy ships Yamaha keyboards to Canada. I didn't call them despite the great price because I'm not sure what warranty issues I will come across if I order a digital piano from across the border. Some manufacturers will only cover their products in the country of purchase.

Walters Music said that the list price was $1700 CAD but that they could perhaps do something with the price when they get the item in the store.

So here are my questions ...

Does anyone have any experience with Walters Music and what they can typically do on pricing? $1700 seems a bit on the high side.

Does anyone know of other stores I can check with that might have P155 stock?

Has anyone in the Toronto area bought a P155? If so, what did you pay for it and where did you find it?


Posted By: juilk

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 03:32 AM

Your talking to the guy who did about a month of research and asking around about the Yamaha P-155. I asked Steve's Music, Long & McQuade, Saved by Technology and they all sell the P-155 but the price is not as good as Allegro Music located on Avenue Rd.

Here's a estimated price I came up with:
Allegro [$1350 + $150(stand) + $100(bench)] + 15% tax = $1840
The $1350 is the actual price of the P-155. I estimated how much I would spend for stand and bench. I guess i like a REALLY nice bench? :P

When I called, a lady answered the phone and she said they didn't have it because she only looks at the catalogue. But apparently when i called back and talked to the owner, he said that the catalogue doesn't show it since it's a new keyboard. But he said they carry it and will order it for you. They might even have it now since it's been about a month since i called them.


I didn't get the P-155 because I found a P-120 being sold for $850. Not the best deal but he didn't use it alot and I'm a beginner so I didn't want to spend too much money.

Hope this info helps.
Posted By: Chantal13

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 03:44 AM


Thank you for the info. I will definitely get in touch with Allegro. That price sounds much better. I'd prefer to get the P155 from a local shop, so that works for me.
Posted By: juilk

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 03:50 AM

I feel like i should have waited until the price goes down, but i'm too impatient. By the way, if you want to know what it sounds like check this youtube link. I'm going to assume your not new to youtube but here it is:


His other videos are played on the P-120.
Posted By: Chantal13

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 04:06 AM

Unfortunately, I am not new to YouTube. I've been hanging around there since pre-Google days. I say unfortunately because I read the comments sometimes. sick

In any case, that video sounds absolutely beautiful. I will have to listen to his P120 videos as well so I can hear the difference between the two. Maybe one day I will be able to play half as well. Thank you for the link.
Posted By: Rodney

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 07:48 PM

Call Yamaha Music Gallery in Mississauga.

(905) 361-5664

Not sure if they have it but worth a try.

Posted By: limavady

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 09:52 PM

Google started in sept 1998. Youtube started in Feb 2005.
Posted By: Chantal13

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 10:47 PM

I was referring to the time before Google bought YouTube.

Originally Posted by limavady
Google started in sept 1998. Youtube started in Feb 2005.
Posted By: Chantal13

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 10:54 PM

Rodney: Thanks for the suggestion. The Yamaha Music Gallery is only open until 5PM, but I sent them an email. I'll follow up tomorrow.

juilk: I called Allegro Music and they gave me a price of $1425. They don't have any in stock right now, but they will also call me during the week.
Posted By: limavady

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/04/09 10:56 PM

Now i know what 'my bad' means! ....or as Homer Simpson would say, 'Doh!'
Posted By: juilk

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/05/09 06:05 AM

Hmm, they seemed to have raised the price a little. Ah well, it's worth it. I just got my Yamaha P-120 and I love it. Even though it's 7 years old, it plays like it's new. I can only imagine how great the P-155 is.
Posted By: Chantal13

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/19/09 04:55 AM

I just wanted to report back. I got a call from Walters Music yesterday. They got two P155s in last night. I went in this afternoon and picked one up. They matched Allegro Music's price.

FYI to all MINI Cooper owners: The P155 will actually fit in your car with a piano bench and stand, even though the box is almost 5 feet long! <points to her "Ask me how" badge>

Now I just need to learn how to play ...
Posted By: EmmaElise

Re: Yamaha P155 in Toronto - 09/19/09 10:51 PM

Congrats on your new purchase- you're going to have lots of fun with it!! My mom is up visiting me this week and she fell in love with my mine. She says she's going to get a P155, too, and she has a Chickering (*oops- not Schimmel* from a previous post)grand at home. Hope you like yours as wellheart.
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