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Virtual Pianos?

Posted By: Cadi

Virtual Pianos? - 10/05/04 06:47 AM

Well, I wasn't sure where to post this, but since it involves computers I decided to head this way. Basically, I was wondering if there is a program/software out there that allows you to input notes and then have the computer 'play' the notes for you so you can hear what it sounds like (or what it should anyways.)

For example, since it is supposedly extraordinarily hard for people to play Sorabji's 'Opus Clavicembalisticum', they might just place in the right notes into this program and the virtual piano would play it for them.

No worries, I am not asking to replace the whole idea behind playing the piano laugh Just something to help me figure out some pieces out there!
Posted By: gryphon

Re: Virtual Pianos? - 10/05/04 12:34 PM

Yes, any music notation program can do that: Sibelius, Finale, Band-in-a-Box, etc. And once you learn how to use the programs efficiently (keyboard shortcuts with little use of the mouse) you can actually input the music rather quickly.
Posted By: pianojuggler

Re: Virtual Pianos? - 10/05/04 01:08 PM

You can even do this with the Free Demo version of Finale NotePad.
Posted By: Cadi

Re: Virtual Pianos? - 10/05/04 03:43 PM

Great! Thank you!
Posted By: gryphon

Re: Virtual Pianos? - 10/06/04 10:00 PM

I suppose I should have mentioned the free versions of the above programs (usually no saving of the music, etc.) Don't know about NotePad.
Posted By: Cadi

Re: Virtual Pianos? - 10/07/04 01:50 AM

NotePad worked beautifully, if I could only figure out how to add the crescendos ;P And I could save on it. You guys have no idea how much it helped though. Thanks again!
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