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New member - Roland and Gigastudio

Posted By: JimM

New member - Roland and Gigastudio - 11/05/02 04:43 AM

Hi - just found this group and am glad to be joining it. I'm coming back to the piano 50 years after I stopped taking lessons, and "went digital" because of the need to play quietly in our small house. I bought a used Roland KR1077 so am happy to see other Roland users here.

I'm a fairly experienced computer user and have added a computer to my piano to run the Gigastudio sampler software. Gigastudio plays samples off a hard disk in real time and thus allows sample sizes of almost infinite length, as opposed to the very limited solid-state memory in most digital pianos which requires samples to be processed and looped. This makes a huge difference in sound quality, to the point where many listeners can't tell the sound from that of an acoustic piano. My grand-piano sample library currently includes two Bosendorfers, a Steinway D, two Yamaha C7s, an Estonia and a Malmsjo (Grieg's piano, no longer made.) Each has a unique character for particular types of music. I'll be glad to share more information on this technology with anybody who's interested.

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