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Yamaha PF500 ?

Posted By: Davey54

Yamaha PF500 ? - 09/03/03 01:27 AM

I'm looking for a digital piano w/pedals and fun voices so that my daughter can practice piano and play with the variations and tech/computer "stuff" too. I might even learn to play a little. And I really like this PF500.
Can anyone give me some opinions and alternatives?
All comments are welcome.
My daughter (11 yrs old) has been playing for a couple of years on a 76 note keyboard.
We've looked at some other models but I'm trying to keep price around $2000. I would like something that LOOKS and SOUNDS like a piano.
Thanks for any help.
Posted By: Huracan

Re: Yamaha PF500 ? - 09/03/03 03:28 AM

With $2K it's impossible to get a good & new acoustic piano. If you want to save some money and room space without compromise the quality of your daugther's piano-development, I think you can't go wrong with that PF500 Yamaha digital piano model. thumb
Alternatives? Well, maybe Clavinova CVP Series?
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