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Digital Piano stool

Posted By: Daren

Digital Piano stool - 08/31/04 10:27 AM

I play a Yamaha P80 stage piano at home set up on a quik lok stand,which brings the height of the top of the keys to 31" measured from the floor.

31" is not an ideal piano height I dont think,but the next adjustment down on my quik lok stand drops to 26" which would make it too low.

I need a piano stool set at 24" high to get a good playing position.I've been down the local music shop and all they have is an adjustable stool that only gets me 22" high.

I would love to know if I can get a good stirdy stool at 24" high?
What heights do you have if you use a simerler setup.

Posted By: Dave Horne

Re: Digital Piano stool - 08/31/04 12:55 PM

I bought an adjustable office type chair many years ago, removed the arms and that was that. It's very comfortable, I have back support, I can adjust everything to every angle I want ... who could ask for anything more?
Posted By: specialk

Re: Digital Piano stool - 08/31/04 05:54 PM

You might want to visit soundseat.com. Somewhat expensive but comfortable. Service is great. I am in no way involved with the company but do use their product.
Posted By: RandomThoughts

Re: Digital Piano stool - 09/07/04 01:56 AM

My piano's a bit high, too, but I like it because I'm currently sitting on my dehumidifier. THAT'S because I more than blew the budget on the stupid piano and can't afford a stool!

It's surprisingly comfortable when set to the diagonal, and rolls too...

Yeah, this post probably wasn't of much use to you.
Posted By: gryphon

Re: Digital Piano stool - 09/08/04 11:45 AM

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