Kawai Baby Grand CP 180

Posted by: kmcguire

Kawai Baby Grand CP 180 - 04/25/03 06:18 PM

I have a chance to purchase a Kawai Baby Grand Digital CP 180 for $7,997.00 from a university sale, however, I must make a decision in the next 24 hours while the sale lasts and there is only one model left. I just want to know if I'd be crazy to pass this by. I have not researched many digital baby grands other than readers opinions for the Internet. Any input would be a tremendous help.
Posted by: SteveY

Re: Kawai Baby Grand CP 180 - 04/25/03 07:23 PM

I don't have any knowledge about that particular piano, but I can tell you that the "24-hour" window of opportunity is almost always a slimy sales tactic. Did they tell you what retail or list price was?
Posted by: kmcguire

Re: Kawai Baby Grand CP 180 - 04/25/03 08:34 PM

The Company is Onofrio Piano Co. and is quite reputable. The retail price is around 12k and the sale price is 40%. Regis University returns all their pianos after one year for new ones and a yearly sale follows that lasts four days; it ends tomorrow! I was hoping to get feedback on the Kawai Baby Grand but I know what you mean! I am tempted to take my chances and gather more information before making such a big purchase. Thank you for your input.