Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577

Posted by: Emmastein

Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 08/16/04 09:17 PM

I am having a hard time deciding which digital piano to buy.
I like the Roland KR-5 ($3500, new) but there is also a year old KR-577 available for about the same price (the KR-5 is only about $100 more. I have been told that the KR-577 is equivalent to the current KR-7. Which is the better value and would I really be missing much by going with the KR-5?
I am buying this for my kids (6 yrs. and 10 yrs.) who are learning to play the piano as well as myself.

Any advise would be appreciated.
Posted by: mch412

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 08/17/04 07:34 AM

Go back to the store and ask the saleperson to show you which features are available on the KR577 and not on the KR5 and vice versa. Look at which ones you feel are the most important to your family.
I would also suggest (if you haven't already) to take a look at a Yamaha Clavinova CVP205 or CVP206. They should be in the same price range and I think you may like what you find.
Posted by: kbdguy

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 08/17/04 10:02 AM


If you choose the KR5, you will be getting a better grand piano voice than on the 577. Go back a take a serious listen. The KR5 is a newer model technologically speaking. I owned the 577 and now have the KR7. There are subtle and some major differences between the two, but the one thing that should stand out is the grand piano sound. The bottom line is a realistic sounding piano. The KR5 and KR7 are an improvement over the KR577 in that respect.
Posted by: kbdguy

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 08/17/04 10:08 AM


I forgot to mention...
The KR7 is Roland's new version of the KR577. It's not equivalent. It's an improved upgrade.
That's why I traded my 577 in for a new 7. There are a number of improvements. Namely, the grand piano is much richer and more realistic.
The sound system is greatly improved, with the top-firing speakers. My KR7 has a built-in equalizer, which I find very useful. Also other voices and styles have been improved and tweaked.
Just thot I'd clarify.
Posted by: Emmastein

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 08/19/04 06:49 PM

Thanks Micheal and Tim for your help. I did return to the store and asked about the differences between the KR-5 and KR-577.
I have decided on purchasing the KR-5 because I wanted the better sound quallity. However, I would love to have the KR-7 if I could afford it. While I was comparison shopping the Roland dealer mentioned they are actually selling just as many KR-7's as KR-5's. I may actually end up getting a great deal on a KR-5 since they are not selling as many KR-5's as they anticipated (due to the higher demand in KR-7's). I am still negotiating
with the dealer. Thanks again guys!
Posted by: kbdguy

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 08/20/04 08:20 AM


Please let me know what you end up purchasing. These instruments are amazing, aren't they? I love the idea that I can sit down and just play a piano, or get into the arranger section and play with a band or orchestra backup. If you would like to see my full review of the KR7, go to
I know the feeling you expressed of wanting to move up to the the higher model. I went through that when deciding on the KR7. I really wanted the KR15, but I would have been making payments for the rest of my life! What I did finally settle on is the KR7 in beautiful oak. I have it connected to an inexpensive 3 piece computer sound system with a subwoofer. This makes it sound much bigger and powerful...even better than the KR15 sounded for a fraction of the cost.
I know you'll love your new digital!

Good luck and Enjoy!
Posted by: luando

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 09/01/04 01:01 PM


I'm getting a pretty high price quote for a KR-5 locally. I'd be willing to drive to get a KR-5 for $3,500. Actually, I'm looking at a KR-7. The price range for a KR-7 is given as being between $6K and $7K. This seems a bit steep and no dealer would not give an exact quote unless I'm physically in their shop. If a KR-5 can be had for $3,500, which is way better than a local store near home, I'd think they'd have a better price on a KR-7 as well. Please let me know what shop I need to pay a visit. Thanks.
Posted by: Craig S

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 09/01/04 06:00 PM

When I was shopping for a Roland I spoke to the factory rep for my area about the differences between the KR577 and the new KR5 and KR7. The information that I got was that the grand piano was the same sample in all three. The sound system was beefed up in the KR7 and the speaker placement was different. I believe that the KR5 had less polyphany as well.

He could have been wrong but my understanding was that the sample was not changed but the sound system and speaker placement were changed and that some other features were added that were supposed to make navigation more user friendly and there were also some cabinet changes.

Did I just repeat myself? Anyway I chose the KR577. I thought that it was more piano than the KR5 and I couldn't justify the price difference for the KR7 although I never sat down to the KR7 and tried it out to make the comparison.

I like the Roland sound and touch and think that you will be happy with any of the three talked about in this thread.

Posted by: dink60

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 09/07/04 01:37 PM

im buying a roland kr5 brand new for 4500.00 is that a good price
Posted by: luando

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 09/07/04 08:26 PM

Dink60: IMO, a new KR-5 for $4,500 does not seem to be a good price, if Emma can buy it for $3,500 (see the first posting). However, I tried to find out from her where one could buy a KR-5 for $3,500 but never got a response.

I think if you research thoroughly on the internet, you will come up with a figure in the ball park. I'd make the dealer an offer. The worst you can hear is "no". Just my two cents.
Posted by: Matt Knight

Re: Need Advise on buying Roland KR-5 or KR-577 - 09/09/04 02:55 PM

$4500 is low for most dealers on the KR-5 I see very few lower than that. Also the Dealer agreements do not allow Roland CK Dealers to sell out of their areas so if you find better price you have to go to the store to pick up the piano. The KR-577 does not have the same piano sample that the KR-5 or KR-7 have so if that is an issue then I would go for the newer pianos. good luck with your shopping.

Matt Knight