Yamaha P85 vs. Casio PX-320

Posted by: Mlee

Yamaha P85 vs. Casio PX-320 - 03/07/08 09:12 PM

Yamaha P85 digital piano cost $599.
Casio PX-320 cost $699.

Have not played either one. However, by just listen to the videos from the internet, the P85 sounds a lot better than PX-320.

Has anyone played both? What is your opinion?

Posted by: terminaldegree

Re: Yamaha P85 vs. Casio PX-320 - 03/07/08 10:08 PM

It's probably a better comparison between the P85 and the PX-200, given the feature set of the Yamaha. That Casio is at least $100 cheaper, depending on where you can find it. I'm not saying it's better, just that it's probably a better apples vs. apples comparison.

For that matter, the PX-120 matches the feature set even closer. Because it's a newer model, I'm not sure it's going to be cheaper, even though it would be considered more "entry level" than the PX-200. It seems as though the best prices are not to be found on the newest models...
Posted by: JP M.

Re: Yamaha P85 vs. Casio PX-320 - 03/07/08 11:51 PM

This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but if the P85 is like the P70 (which I own), then it's a great piano. I only use the primary grand piano sound and that's enough for me (I assume they use the same samples).
Posted by: Copilot

Re: Yamaha P85 vs. Casio PX-320 - 03/08/08 06:15 AM

The P-85 has the better samples but also Yamaha's Graded-Hammer-Standard-Keyboard (GHS) which is very light.
For a Yamaha you better have GH(E) or higher (GH3).

It's vital that you compare the CASIO action with the YAMAHA budget-action type (GHS).

Posted by: rob1261

Re: Yamaha P85 vs. Casio PX-320 - 03/19/08 03:40 PM

I tried the P85 and PX-200. I prefered the sound and feel of the PX-200. Plus it has a lot more features. Need to try them out.
Posted by: Seaside_Lee

Re: Yamaha P85 vs. Casio PX-320 - 03/19/08 06:17 PM

Hi Mlee

I own a yamaha motif rack ES and that has a great sound but, I have to say I'm lovin' the sound of my new PX-320 more each day

I played some samples of how it sounds in this thread:-


Have a listen if you like

Lee \:\)