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Need advice - new to forum

Posted By: egursky

Need advice - new to forum - 08/15/04 11:44 PM

Shopping for digital piano for church. Looking at Clavinova CVP 207, CLP-170 or Kawai (I believe HS series). Anyway, wondering which manufacturer to go with - any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, where could I get help with utilizing all the different gadgets, voices, etc. on these instruments? I'm an acoustic piano player and know NOTHING about the digital offerings.
Posted By: SteveY

Re: Need advice - new to forum - 08/16/04 01:35 AM

It would be helpful to know what your needs are. Is this replacing an organ? piano? what style of worship does your church favor? Will it connect to a sound system? How big is your congregation/sanctuary?
Posted By: egursky

Re: Need advice - new to forum - 08/16/04 09:17 AM

Our church is small - seating of about 130 in sanctuary. Replacing piano and organ. No organist now and it doesn't work anyway. Moving current piano to fellowship hall. It can connect to sound system if needed to a designated channel. Our worship style is currently changing - new pastor and trying to do more of a blended/contemporary worship though slowly as to not upset some of our older members. Everyone is excited about this change and I was told to spend all the money in the fund, which currently is $4700.00, and if more is needed to let someone know. At our meeting last night it was put to me like this "If you are going to get one, try to get the best of the best so we can enjoy some new and exciting sounds".
Posted By: Roxane

Re: Need advice - new to forum - 08/16/04 10:15 AM

egursky, I asked a similar question, with the exception that one of my criteria is that it should be portable. Check out some good advice by SteveY in the following link (sorry don't know how to do the web-link thingy):

Posted By: SteveY

Re: Need advice - new to forum - 08/16/04 10:53 AM

Thanks Roxane -- you saved me a bunch of typing.

I'll point out once again, that although I favor the Roland piano sounds, quality instruments are made by companies such as Yamaha & Korg.
Posted By: ryan

Re: Need advice - new to forum - 08/16/04 02:48 PM

To be fair, I should state that despite my outspoken preference for Yamaha, I respect the quality instruments made by Roland and Korg and know professionals that use them on a daily basis.

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