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Oberheim Repairs?

Posted By: Piano World

Oberheim Repairs? - 09/07/04 09:14 AM

We recently received this question,
can anyone help?

"I recently acquired an Oberheim OB-12 Digital Synth and a cat, (which has since been removed from the home), tinkled on the upper part of the keyboard row. I have about 10 keys which are not functioning. Do you know of a quality repair shop in northwest Washington State for this rare keyboard?
Posted By: SteveY

Re: Oberheim Repairs? - 09/07/04 10:21 AM

I believe Gibson owns Oberheim. You might start with a call to them. Although there's a website for the OB12 that seems to indicate that Viscount has some involvement.

Another possibility would be to "Google" repair facilities in your area that also work on other old analog synths like Moog, Arp, Sequential Circuits, etc. It's more likely that they'll also work on Oberheim products.

Good luck...
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