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External Speakers on the PF500

Posted By: A. J. Kurtz

External Speakers on the PF500 - 08/20/04 09:42 PM

Hi all,

Last week I purchased a Yamaha PF500, in large part based on the very positive reviews in this discussion group. I love the instrument and am enjoying re-learning the piano after a 25 year hiatus.

I have a nice set of Klipsch 2.1 powered multimedia speakers that I would like to use with the PF500. However, after much experimentation, I have yet to get them to work. They were my computer speakers, so have only one jack, which I assume plugs into the L/L+R input on the piano. But this gets me nowhere. I'd appreciate any advice on this.

Posted By: Lightnin

Re: External Speakers on the PF500 - 08/20/04 10:39 PM

I think the L and R output are each mono (in the just one channel sense), and only if R is unused (empty), then that makes L/L+R be the sum of the two, but still a mono connector. Not sure what happens if you plug a stereo cable into it. I'd have guessed one channel would work, but maybe not.

If you have stereo speakers with stereo cable, try connecting the speakers to the headphone jack instead. That's what I do with a P90.
Posted By: helenh

Re: External Speakers on the PF500 - 08/20/04 10:46 PM

Congratulations on your PF500. I love mine. I am quite happy with the internal speakers except a bit more bass in the organ voices would be nice.
Posted By: pianojuggler

Re: External Speakers on the PF500 - 08/21/04 02:12 AM

Is there a headphone jack on the keyboard? Usually computer speakers are amplified and impedance-matched to headphone-level output. Try that and see what happens.

Depending on where the contact is, a stereo plug plugged into a mono jack will produce mono on one channel or nothing at all.
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