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Yamaha GH3

Posted By: Waza

Yamaha GH3 - 09/17/07 03:28 PM

Hi All,

i'm looking to buy a piano at around £1000. I was going for the roland RP-7 but when i went into the town there on saturday and actually played it i was not impressed by the action. I liked the yamaha's action better even on the p-140 had a better action i think, I need the GH3 hammer on a piano but not as big as the CLP's as they take up to much space for my bedroom as i have too many keyboards already. So if anyone know's of a dp in mind please let me know...

thanks again wink
Posted By: signa

Re: Yamaha GH3 - 09/17/07 11:41 PM

GH3 action is only on CLP/CVP middle to top end models. there're no other models with GH3.

for stage pianos, you might want to check out Yamaha CP300 with GH action. many people like it.
Posted By: Waza

Re: Yamaha GH3 - 09/18/07 03:57 AM

thaqnks for that signa oh well i'll have to look into it a lttle more then...
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