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Getting the Most Out of My Roland 207

Posted By: JonBrom

Getting the Most Out of My Roland 207 - 07/27/08 07:31 PM

In my relentless pursuit of audio perfection, I have upgraded my headphones to Grado SR 80s.

I play mostly with headphones on and find the Grados make a big difference and am quite happy with the sound as is now.

However....I've read posts on this forum about adding pre-amplifiers for even better sound quality, but the pre-amps recommended are extremely expensive ($600-plus) high-end boutique-manufactured audiophile components.

Can anyone suggest a less expensive (around $200) pre-amp that would actually make a difference? Also, I wonder if, at my age (54), I might have reached the limits of my sound preception with what I already have.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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