Clp 170 & Hp-7

Posted by: Daren

Clp 170 & Hp-7 - 10/12/04 08:46 AM

I went into a piano store yesterday and compared the sound difference between the roland and the Yamaha.
First I tried the the 170 and i liked very much but when i tried the roland the sound was very different.
The roland had a much depthier sound to it and in actual fact after hearing the yam after the roland i thought the yam sounded a bit thin but nevertheless I still liked the 170 better.

The only thing i thought after was if the 170 had been backed to wall would the sound of produced a much thicker and deeper sound has to be fair in the shop he had it in the middle of the room?

What difference does it actually make anybody?

Posted by: kbdguy

Re: Clp 170 & Hp-7 - 10/12/04 10:05 AM


You make a good point. A digital will sound different in various environments and in different parts of the room. Check and see if the keyboards have rear-firing speakers. That will make a big difference regarding placement. Also check to see if either of these models have internal EQ. If they do, you will be able to 'tune' the sound to the room...a very useful function. I have a Roland KR-7 and it sounds very different when placed in certain positions in a room. It also has EQ. I suggest you do some more homework. Test these pianos as much as you can. Also try them with headphones.

Posted by: signa

Re: Clp 170 & Hp-7 - 10/12/04 01:58 PM

see here for the comment about iAFC on CLP170: