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PF1000 floor sample

Posted By: joemsg

PF1000 floor sample - 08/11/04 02:31 AM

Found a Yamaha PF1000 floor sample (missing the stand, bench and the 3 pedals) for $2100. The keys and sounds are great--the high register seems to be better than the P250. I am thinking of getting this one instead of the P250 just to get more bang of my buck.
Should I go for it?
Posted By: signa

Re: PF1000 floor sample - 08/11/04 02:45 AM

the price is not bad (almost like PF500 package). but what are you going to do with 3-pedals, ordering separately?
Posted By: joemsg

Re: PF1000 floor sample - 08/11/04 02:53 AM

I just need the sustaining pedal (plug it into the aux port). They have a Fatar VF925 sustain pedal, but I don't know if this pedal has the half-pedal effect (PF1000 does). Anyone knows?
Posted By: helenh

Re: PF1000 floor sample - 08/11/04 07:33 AM

You should be able to order the three pedal unit separately. I am not in the US so am not familiar with where is best.
PF1000 looks good though. I remain happy with my PF500.
Posted By: signa

Re: PF1000 floor sample - 08/11/04 12:17 PM

contact Yamaha to see if you can order that 3-pedal unit first before buying this. it's better to have an original pedal unit than a cheap alternative (which may not be as good). the price is good though.
Posted By: SteveY

Re: PF1000 floor sample - 08/11/04 12:50 PM

Why not make the dealer order the pedal for you as part of the deal?
Posted By: Kenpcola

Re: PF1000 floor sample - 08/13/04 01:38 AM

It is a good deal. That machine is listed at $4200.(very pricy indeed). I like arranger part very much. Very easy to navigate too. I can not tell difference between this and p250 in piano sounds and key feel. I don't think you have any problem finding foot pedals for it.
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