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Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability

Posted By: napster

Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 12/28/07 08:31 PM

I have been thinking about getting this keyboard, and was wondering if anyone has had one of these long enough to comment on its reliability. Thanks.
Posted By: wildpaws

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 12/29/07 02:49 PM

While I don't own either of these models, I can say that on the synth forums I belong to I have not seen any real issues posted. I can comment about Yamaha reliability in general, I've been using an SY77 synth since 1990, the only issues have been replacement of the internal battery after several years and replacement of the disk drive belt after 12 years, what I would consider completely normal maintainence repairs. About 85% of my home studio is Yamaha gear due to it's reliability, stability, and great sound.
Posted By: napster

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 12/30/07 09:57 PM

Thanks for the input. I also have had good experiences with a Yamaha keyboard (P120) in the past. The "lightly weighted" keys are causing me to hesistate, but the acoustic piano and some of the other sounds are not bad for the price point on this keyboard.
Posted By: signa

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 12/31/07 01:27 AM

if you're used to p120's action, i would doubt you'd like 'light weighted' action (which feels like no-weight to me at least). if you do want to consider YDP/DGX line, why not YDP625/DGX620, which at least has GHS action.
Posted By: napster

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 01/01/08 06:00 PM

The reason I'm not considering keyboards like the YPG625 is that my needs have changed because of physical problems (back, neck, and wrist issues) I've sold all of my professional equipment and now want something inexpensive($500 tops) that is very light, with a decent acoustic piano, built-in speakers and decent rhythms to have a little fun. I can't play/practice for very long (20 minutes tops)because of the physical issues and therefore don't want to buy something more expensive even though I'm used to more upscale keyboards and sound systems. It's a matter of accepting my situation and dealing with it.
Posted By: Sundew

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 01/01/08 09:03 PM

I have the DGX220/YPG225. I've played it almost every day since beginning of March and it's fine from a reliability point. Speakers buzz at times but that could be dust. It is more limited than the 550 as it's touch sensitive and 76 keys, but it has given me loads of pleasure in playing. I do find the speakers a bit on the weak side, and the sound through my headphones {Seinhesser HD515} a little disappointing.
Posted By: signa

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 01/02/08 02:15 AM

napster, sorry to hear that! hope you can find the right keyboard for yourself to continue your playing enjoyment. wish things getting better for you in the new year!
Posted By: napster

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 01/02/08 06:45 PM

Thanks for your post. I think I recall one or two others mentioning the buzz with the speakers and those speakers are the same on the YPG525.


Thank you for your best wishes. I have been gigging with keyboards since the early 80's, but I never have lost my passion for playing. The problems arose from improper posture while sitting playing the keyboards and also from hauling equipment around all of those years. Something for all younger keyboardists to think about so it doesn't happen to you.
Posted By: FogVilleLad

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 01/02/08 07:00 PM

Let the dealer handle any buzz problems.
Posted By: napster

Re: Yamaha YPG525/DGX520 reliability - 01/06/08 06:38 PM

Fogville Lad,

I'm not as concerned about the speaker buzz as I am about the lightly weighted keys. It appears to me that from past experience and posts on this and other forums, that some of the keyboards with a lighter action also appear to have more periodic key problems (clicking noises, breaking, etc.) than keyboards with a heavier action) This may or may not be true, but it concerns me. I know that this is a relatively inexpensive keyboard, but that's why I was asking for input from others who may have had the YPG525 or DGX520 for awhile.
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