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the casio px100 privia

Posted By: b#inx

the casio px100 privia - 08/12/04 07:54 PM

i recently bought this digital piano for 500$ i feel that it has pretty darn realistic hammer action, and the sounds are really nice! why such a low price?

can you give your opinions on casio? is it a good brand? is this a good piano or should i eventually invest in something more expesive? what are the benefits?
Posted By: signa

Re: the casio px100 privia - 08/12/04 09:21 PM

i saw it at BestBuy and but don't know much about it except feeling its weighted key action little bit. they put it on the top shelf so that nobody can actually play it. for $500 and with a weighted-keyboard, it sounds worth it.
Posted By: TheVibeRAIDER

Re: the casio px100 privia - 08/12/04 10:14 PM

Not a bad digital piano.

I wish it came out 20 years ago when I moved away from my acoustic piano. I would have been very happy with it.

I was playing the PX-100 at Best Buy for more than a few minutes. Because it was on the top shelf, I could not really make comparisons. I did notice that the action seems a little more smoother than the Yamaha P-120. The PX-100's piano sounds very acceptable (the store was very noisy.)

I think the P-120 is more refined, especially in looks (I think that is where the PX-100 is "cheap" the most. Don't worry about that, though, as long as the sounds are good!) I won't say which sounds better, but for the price you paid, not bad! smile
Posted By: b#inx

Re: the casio px100 privia - 08/13/04 03:35 PM

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