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Kurzweil Mark 5

Posted By: ndjmom

Kurzweil Mark 5 - 12/28/07 05:10 PM

I have played piano for church services for the past 10 years and yet I have not had access to a piano in my home for the past couple of years.

I've started looking for a DP and read a lot of postings on Yamaha 620/625 vs. Kurzweil, but still can't make up my mind.

I found a Kurzweil Mark 5 in my area that I can probably buy for <$200,no stool, manual etc.. just the keyboard/stand.

Where can I find support for this instrument and based on all the expert knowledge here should I snatch it up??? I'm looking for an instrument I'll have for a long time and will spend the money <$1000 for something better. Money is still tight on a single Mom's budget.

Posted By: wruess

Re: Kurzweil Mark 5 - 12/28/07 07:28 PM

Here are a couple of possibly useful links:

Official Kurzweil web site:


Forum where you might find specific info or ask pertinent questions:


IMO Kurzweil keyboards are excellent - but it all depends on what it sounds and feels like to YOU.
Posted By: ndjmom

Re: Kurzweil Mark 5 - 12/29/07 06:03 PM

I found a lot of information on Kurzweil, but not on the Mark 5. Even the www.kurzweilmusicsystems.com site doesn't show support for the older model. The furthest back I can find is the Mark 6.

Can anyone help me out with the features and benefits of this instrument?
Posted By: ndjmom

Re: Kurzweil Mark 5 - 12/29/07 07:05 PM

Finally found the user Manual, buried deep on the site. But there are no instructions for hooking it up to a computer.

I would greatly appreciate any practical knowledge and experience.
Posted By: MoodyBluesKeys

Re: Kurzweil Mark 5 - 12/30/07 04:07 AM

I have several Kurzweil pro instruments, and am well pleased with them, I have done a bit of simple repairs on some of the home instruments. I looked at the Mark V owner's manual, there is some MIDI information in there on connecting to other MIDI devices, which could include a computer.

This keyboard is old enough not to have a USB connection for a computer. Audio can be sent from the audio output jacks to the sound input of a computer (or, for that matter, from the sound output of the computer to the Kurzweil's input jacks). Quality of sound would be largely determined by the type of audio board in the computer.

A computer can also be adapted to connect to the MIDI connections on the Mark 5. Several companies make boards which install in the computer, or USB adapters for MIDI, I use them myself (I am using eMu boards) for interconnection.

The real thing is that the manual gives the information needed for SOMONE WHO HAS CONSIDERABLE EXPERIENCE WITH MIDI to interface the instrument with either other instruments, computers, or hardware sequencers. However, MIDI is a rather complex subject (when one goes beyond the most simple applications, such as playing sounds using the keyboard and an external sound module).

There do not seem to be many recent books on how to hook up and work with MIDI, some of the older books have good info, but generally requiring considerable knowledge BEFORE reading the book. There are also various sites on the Internet that are useful in working with MIDI (such as www.tweakheadz.com)

Support - DG Audio, Inc. on the west coast, Duane Garvin - was formerly national Service Manager for Kurzweil. He can provide repairs on most models, including those no longer made. There are also authorized Kurzweil service centers all over the US, a listing for your area can be found from the web site www.kurzweilmusicsystems.com

If the instruments is in good working order, the price you are mentioning is a good price. My personal recommendation is to visit the seller, play the instrument, and see if (1) it is in good usable condition, and (2) are the sound and feel pleasing to you.

My oldest Kurzweil, a K2000VP, was made about 1993, it is still running smoothly, and is in use several times a week (I leave it at my church).


Posted By: ndjmom

Re: Kurzweil Mark 5 - 12/30/07 06:12 AM

Thanks for the info. When I looked at the manual the midi section was very confusing! I'm a real newbie when it comes to the midi. I just want to hook it up and have it print out my random compositions/variations that I can't remember long enough to notate by hand. I'll check out the references and hope that I find a place that I can understand.

I'm going to visit the seller on Tuesday and check out the touch/feel/response. It truly is a bare bones piano, but then that's all I'm really ready for at this point.

It's ironic, this was a practice church piano purchased by the secretary and has sat unused for 2 years. I'm really looking forward to getting in some serious practice time again!

Posted By: ndjmom

Re: Kurzweil Mark 5 - 01/01/08 09:58 PM

Just went and looked at the DP and was disappointed that it wasn't near perfect. There seems to be a vibration coming from the left bottom speaker that makes a noise when you play in the lower notes. Depending on what the bass setting is it can start even at E below middle C!

I don't know if the speaker needs to be replaced or if something is just loose. The person selling it didn't know anything about it and the pedals were not working,...missing a cord perhaps? There was also no music ledge/base.

I could get it for less than $175, but I still don't know if it's worth it. Anyone know about the speaker....disappointed,...maybe I'll keep looking...

The touch was VERY light, but read that their are 7 different touch settings. But didn't print off the manual and bring it with me (stupid)
Posted By: LesCharles73

Re: Kurzweil Mark 5 - 01/01/08 11:14 PM

Kurzweil makes a good board, but their touch isn't the best. Since you think it feels a little too light, I would keep looking. The "touch settings" don't effect the feel of the keyboard, it only effects the volume of the notes in proportion to how hard you play the keys.
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