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Yamaha YDP-121

Posted By: Jackson

Yamaha YDP-121 - 11/06/01 11:12 PM

I have some experience with music (trumpet).
I want to seriously study the piano (probably 4hrs/day). I'm thinking of buying
the YDP-121.
Any opinions on whether or not I will be disappointed in any shortcommings of this piano in a few years?
Appreciate any opinions on this piano.
Do you have an opinion on a better choice?
P.S. Where in San Diego (or anywhere in Southern Calif.) is the best deal?

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Posted By: Truxillo

Re: Yamaha YDP-121 - 11/30/01 12:14 AM


Did you already get your Yamaha ?

Guitar Center has the YDP121 for 1095.00, you can get it this month at G.C for no payments, and no interest, until January 2003 -- 14 months (no interest, no payments).

Deal ends 11/29/01.
Posted By: Dee

Re: Yamaha YDP-121 - 02/13/02 07:23 AM

I'm also looking at purchasing the YDP121. Have you purchased it yet? If so, what is your opinion of this digital piano? The price that's being advertised for the YDP121 is $1598 (Cdn$). Does anyone in Canada know if this is a fairly reasonable price for this model?
Posted By: Truxillo

Re: Yamaha YDP-121 - 02/17/02 08:48 AM

Hello Dee,

I purchased my YDP-121 in November. I am very very pleased with it.

Today I went to a piano outlet and I tried out their (all prices in retail) $8,000.00 accustic pianos (a Yamaha and some Korean brand), and I can honestly tell you that it is going to take a heck of lot more $$$ than a $8,000 acustic to get the sound and feel of $1099.00 YDP-121 Digital Piano ! This is no exageration.

The saleman was really nice and asked me if I wanted to play a Steinway, I said "oh no no, I'm just looking"(I'm not worthy :p), He said come give it a try.

So he sat me down at a $28,000.00 Steinway upright -- oh my god, what a beautiful piano, and a wonderful sound and feel. Then he said "this Steinway over here is the one everyone who comes here want's to see and play" -- a $62,000.00 piano he said. My mouth ran dry from the excitement of sitting in front of this beautiful beautiful black piano. I'm not qualified to review this piano, but I really was humbled, I played a few notes (nice bass), thanked the salesman very much for his time and for showing me the Steinways.

Back to your original question, $1,099.00 (US)is the lowest price I've seen.

Another big plus of this purchase is the book of music you get. 50 titles by -- Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, etc. All these are contained in the playback memory of the YDP-121. The music book even shows you the recommended fingerings, and you can reduce the speed on the play-back, and even select a certain portion that you want to listen to.


EDIT: I am by no means suggesting you need to spend $28-62k, to match the YDP-121, no way. I just wanted to share my Steinway experience I had today, there's a whole range of pianos I didn't try out.

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Posted By: Dee

Re: Yamaha YDP-121 - 02/18/02 02:56 AM

Glad to hear you like it...I just purchased the YDP-121 today! Did you get a piano bench with it? This model apparently doesn't come with a bench but I got it included in the price (I paid $1589 Cdn).
I actually take my lessons on a Steinway (not mine..my piano teacher's). I know exactly what you mean...as a beginner, I can even tell the difference between a Steinway and a "regular" piano!
Posted By: Truxillo

Re: Yamaha YDP-121 - 02/18/02 07:44 AM

Alright Dee,

good for you, you even got the bench included. No such deal where I bought mine.

Feel free to give the board your opinion on the YDP-121 after you try it out for a few days or weeks. I too am a beginner, and I'm open to any input or advice.
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