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Yamaha CVP 2xx series

Posted By: Andy

Yamaha CVP 2xx series - 02/18/02 01:14 PM

OK, decision made, after having weighed up all the pro's and con's (living in a small house, accurate sampling of piano sounds, graded hammer keys etc) I have decided to purchase a digital piano.
I have a bit of money that should get me a good instrument, I have looked in particular at the Yamaha CVP (2xx) series on the advice of salesmen and friends. I've considered all the things already mentioned on this board (personal preference, WOW factor etc), will I be getting a good piano for my money with the 203/205?
I want a good piano not over packed with voices for an amatuer player. I must admit being taken by the 16 track sequencer on these models, had anyone used this?
Is there an alternative to the Yamaha for this price (2K +)
Thanks all confused
Posted By: Shadorunnr

Re: Yamaha CVP 2xx series - 02/19/02 07:07 AM

You might also look at the Roland FP series. I like the action, as it seems to me the most like an accoustic. I am not familier with the Yamaha CVP series, but I know that many people like the action on Yamaha's. Don't forget that if you don't like the sound of a digital with the action you like, you can always get a MIDI sound module with sounds you do like.
Posted By: German

Re: Yamaha CVP 2xx series - 02/19/02 01:25 PM

You might also Look at the Roland RD series.
The action and the sound are great.
Posted By: SteveY

Re: Yamaha CVP 2xx series - 02/19/02 01:38 PM

Roland RD pianos are great. Probably the best feeling synths I'm aware of. I play a Roland XV88 which is the same action as the RD. I like it a lot.
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