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what is the differences?

Posted By: curious

what is the differences? - 01/22/02 05:23 PM

I am interested in Yamaha p80. But now I found that it has different names: Yamaha P80 portable digital piano, Yamaha P80 Stage Piano, and Yamaha P80 digital piano. Are they different from each other? Sincerely hope that someone will help me out.

Posted By: Staccato

Re: what is the differences? - 01/23/02 08:30 AM

There is only 1 type of P80.
This type of piano is often referred to as, "stage piano" or "digital stage piano." Several different names to describe one product.

I could be wrong, but I don't think so...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: what is the differences? - 01/23/02 09:12 AM

Staccato is correct. There is only one Yamaha P-80, I own one.
A stage piano is simply a digital piano which is light enough to be carried around (for gigs). Most stage pianos don't have onboard speakers. Only exeption to this, as far as I know, is the Yamaha P-120.

Posted By: toddthepianoguy

Re: what is the differences? - 01/23/02 01:47 PM

Have you tried the Roland FP3? It's also a "stage piano" like the P80, has the graded piano action, and it's a bit newer than the P80 if I'm not mistaken. I think the piano sounds fuller on the FP3 and it's only about $300 more.

I only suggest it because I also was thinking about the P80 until a salesperson showed me the FP3, which I hadn't even heard of yet.
Posted By: fr

Re: what is the differences? - 01/23/02 03:34 PM


There is one and only one P-80 digital electronic piano which is described on Yamaha's web site: www.yamaha.com

Just recently, they introduced the P-210/P-210S models which are derivatives of the P-80 with the addition of a built-in amplifier and speakers. The P-80 lacks a built-in amplifier and speakers which means you have to play with headphones or connect a cable to an external stereo receiver and speakers.
Posted By: curious

Re: what is the differences? - 01/23/02 05:15 PM

I am very much touched by all the quick replies and detailed information I have received. Sincere thanks. You all are great people.

thanks again
Posted By: Shadorunnr

Re: what is the differences? - 01/24/02 07:15 AM

Curious, reguarding the Roland fp series, I believe they have quite good action, for a digital. There are several versions, apparently Roland doesn't number them in order, the first one was the FP8. Some of the older versions have built in speakers and the actions are simular. I think the others are correct that there is only one P80, calling it different things depending who they are marketing it to.
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