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Casio Privia or Williams Encore

Posted By: huffmuds9320

Casio Privia or Williams Encore - 09/05/08 05:14 AM

I'm deciding between the Casio PX-110, PX-120 or the Williams Encore digital piano. I tried a few of the keyboards at Guitar center and narrowed it down to these. I wouldn't mind paying a little more and get the PX-120 if the 128 polyphony makes a big difference. My current keyboard is a basic 61 key Yamaha which is my first and only keyboard so I would like to upgrade to 88 weighted keys.

I don't need any of the fancy stuff like the usb connection or flash drive on there. Just something basic and sounds great. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
Posted By: Eternal

Re: Casio Privia or Williams Encore - 09/05/08 05:17 AM

PX110 will do fine. If you don't use layered sounds, and are not very advanced, you won't notice low polyphony.

Spend the savings on a bench - you'll need that much more than polyphony.
Posted By: Vincent L.

Re: Casio Privia or Williams Encore - 09/05/08 01:23 PM

The action of the PX-120 is, in my opinion, the reason to get it over the other models you are considering. The sound is also better (imo). The high polyphony # on the PX-120 is also a guaranty you will never get notes dropped (and you will feel less the need to upgrade any time soon).
In addition to the bench, consider a good (stable) stand that will put the keys at the right height, and a pedal as well because the cheap plastic ones are not satisfying at all. They can't stay in place and are nowhere close in feeling like a regular piano pedal.
To me, if it fits your budget, the PX-120 is a no brainer.
Posted By: huffmuds9320

Re: Casio Privia or Williams Encore - 09/05/08 11:58 PM

Thanks for the replies. Actually I have a piano bench and a table already. I will get the sustain pedal that looks like the piano kind.
Posted By: Vincent L.

Re: Casio Privia or Williams Encore - 09/06/08 12:22 AM

Make sure it is compatible with the DP you will get. There are no standards.
Posted By: huffmuds9320

Re: Casio Privia or Williams Encore - 09/08/08 03:56 AM

I'm sure the table will fit just about any keyboard, made it myself, its a table rather than a stand. The bench, I measured a real piano bench and made one, even has padding.

The PX-110 has the ZPI while the PX-120 has the AIF. Does anyone know the difference between the ZPI and AIF sound chip?
Posted By: Vincent L.

Re: Casio Privia or Williams Encore - 09/08/08 04:45 AM

Here is what I get from the Casio web site.
AIF stands for Advanced Intelligent Filter technology, is the Casio's latest sound processing system. It is supposed to sound "more realistic".
I don't know what ZPI stands for. They describe it as 3 elements sound ship.
Casio Digital Pianos (DPs) with AIF offer the 3 layers piano sounds as the ZPI equipped ones (PX-110, 310 ...).
The Casio web site says about the PX-110 "Three different dynamic levels (samples) per key"
The AIF DPs have 180 piano samples 11 MB stored in ROM (180 might be 60 x 3 levels).
In comparison, my Yamaha P-120 had 22 MB of Piano samples. If I compare the Piano#1 of each DP (PX-320 that I now own vs. P-120), I would say that they are both very good, with the P-120 doing a better job on sustained notes (you can hear the loops more on the PX-320). I would bet the PX-120 is the same.
AIF seems to apply to the voices/timbres and not just piano.
Casio refers to sympathetic resonance capabilities only for AIF equipped DPs.

One important more important thing between the PX-110 and PX-120 is the action. And you need to try - there is no substitute - to know which one you prefer.
I tried the PX-110 and I did not care for it.
Then I tried the PX-120, and I considered replacing my 4 years old P-120 with this lighter Casio. The keyboard on the PX-120 is silent compared to the PX-110. And it feels better as well to me.
I ended up with the PX-320 because of a less than $550 delivered deal (gone) on the Internet. I would have been just fine with the PX-120.
The USB, Registration slots, SD Card reader, more advanced recorder and additional voices on the PX-320 are bonuses that I and my little one will probably use in the future.
Posted By: galaxy4t

Re: Casio Privia or Williams Encore - 09/08/08 05:55 AM

The ZPI chip is the sound source of the older Casio Privia DP. It is also used in the WK3300, WK3800, and WK8000. I am impressed with the sound quality of the ZPI vs the AIF. I had been comparing a PX-575 which has the ZPI with the PX-120/320 which have the AIF. They are in close proximity in the Guitar Center I sometimes go to. I like the piano sounds better on the PX-575. I think they sound richer and fuller. Unfortunately, this piano has only 32 units of polophony and with 620 tones, layering just a few tones, notes drop out quickly due to the limited poly. If you want to layer sounds, the 320 is the best bet, unless you look at Roland.
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