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I found a Williams Concerto in working order with no sustain pedal unit. The manual shows a unit with 2 pedals. The normal 1/4” jack sustain pedal I have doesn’t fit in this piano. The plug for the sus pedal is very odd - with 6 pins in a circular formation with one of the pins in the middle of the circle. I’ve been told it could be some type of 6 pin DIN plug. I can’t find a replacement pedal for this anywhere.
There are also 2 midi in/out ports - could I convert one of those into a sustain pedal plug?

Does anyone have an idea where I could find a compatible pedal or adapter? I’ll attach a photo of the plug for reference. I’ve searched online for HOURS.
I think it might be necessary to contact a Williams representative - and ask them why there is apparently absolutely zero information online about pedals for that instrument. The socket is along the lines of a "6 Pin DIN Line Socket".

Although, the orientation of the slits in the socket matches this ..... LINK
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