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Posted By: rmns2bseen Need a Casio PX-870 music stand - 01/09/22 03:17 AM
In the process of moving recently I lost the music stand for my PX-870. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement for it? I've looked everywhere I know of online but I can't find one anywhere. Thanks.
Posted By: Kawai James Re: Need a Casio PX-870 music stand - 01/09/22 08:46 AM
Have you tried contacting the Casio subsidiary/distributor in your country?

Kind regards,
- Choose your color: https://www.pacparts.com/model.cfm?model_id=px-870
- Look for "Music Stand"
- Pay ~$160...170 😧

...if PacParts is an option for you. I haven't ever dealt with them. I'm abroad from their point of view.
Posted By: rmns2bseen Re: Need a Casio PX-870 music stand - 01/09/22 05:03 PM
Thanks James and clothearednincompo. No, James, I haven't contacted a distributor here but I did send a message to Casio customer service and have yet to hear back. And clotheared, yes that's ridiculously high for a small board, but I imagine the price wouldn't be much different direct from Casio. At least I know that apparently one is available *some*where. I think my next DP is going to be a Kawai or Yamaha. Thanks to both of you.
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